OK, you know how I was going to launch this big new pro-life site after the retirement of LeftOut? Well, life intervened, as it so often will, and I was never able to put together the kind of comprehensive site I wanted to. It was going to be great, too, with a library of articles, opportunities for activism, chats with key “alternative” pro-life figures, MeetUps for folks to get together with like-minded people locally, podcasts, and tons more. (Seriously, you should see my notes.) Hard to believe I never that got off the ground in my spare time, isn’t it?

Eventually, it occurred to me that I didn’t really have to pull all that stuff together and present it as a fait accompli. It could and should be a community effort. What I really needed to do was help the community get together. I also found that I was more and more frustrated reading left-leaning and feminist blogs (as well as traditional pro-life ones) and not having any place to put forth an alternate view of abortion politics-as-usual.

Hence, this blog. I’m just going to state what I believe, post, and see what happens.

I believe in ending abortion via social progress. I believe that expanding the circle of legal “personhood” to include every human being is a radically progressive goal. I believe that turning back the clock to a time of restrictive gender roles and one-size-fits-all sexuality is not just, not possible, and not an effective way to end abortion. I believe that a sick society which encourages violence, poverty, discrimination, and other forms of social brutality will never be inclined to protect the most vulnerable among us. I believe in the separation of church and state. I believe that contraception and comprehensive sex education are valuable in and of themselves in addition to being important tools for reducing the demand for abortion. I believe, despite the near-total lack of representation for people like me in the “mainstream” pro-life movement, that there are a lot of us out there.

If this sounds like someplace you’d like to belong, please join on in.