A farewell of sorts

As you may have noticed, recently I’ve been involved with an exciting new project. I’ve teamed up with Marysia of the Nonviolent Choice Directory to start All Our Lives. This project has been a long time coming. It started back in 2008, when Marysia and I shared our frustration that there was no longer any organization that advocated for contraception, sex education, and other vital needs without advocating for abortion as well.

Others, like LAMom and Cecilia Brown of PLAGAL gave their support, and we launched in March of this year.

We call ourselves a “reproductive peace” organization, which combines principles of the reproductive justice movement and the consistent life ethic. We reject the violence of abortion, and instead work for all women to have the power to make all nonviolent choices about their sexual and reproductive lives.

If that sounds interesting, please visit our web site and get involved. In particular, we’d love to have help getting the Nonviolent Choice Directory ported over to the new site.

This blog will stay up indefinitely — I have the server space, and it’s easy enough to maintain — but I have no plans to add to it. Thank you to everyone who has read and commented over the years; it’s meant a lot to me to know that there are other people out there who share some of my beliefs and frustrations. :) I hope to see you on the new site!


In case you were wondering what that was all about: no, I didn’t get hacked. There was a little web server misconfiguration for the last 18 hours or so, but it’s sorted now.


It’s been a hectic week, what with deadlines, Thanksgiving, and everyone in my house being sick, but I wanted to at least mention that it’s my blogiversary! Yes, it was one year ago today that I started this blog. Thank you to all who read and comment — it’s fun talking with you.

Pieces of Flair

The “Happy Human” over there in the sidebar is a secular humanism logo, by the way; I don’t know if it’s something most people would readily recognize.

I thought about altering it to be a pro-life happy human, maybe with another tiny little happy human curled up inside of it. On the one hand, it would be nice to have a little more visibility for pro-lifers within the humanist community and humanists within the pro-life community. On the other hand, the way I see it, the logo shouldn’t have to be altered: humanism should include unborn human beings by definition. Also, my graphics-fu is weak.

The two badges below it are pretty self-explanatory. In addition to Blogs By Women, I also applied to ProLifeBlogs. TTCF would definitely be the answer to a game of “one of these things is not like the others” over there, but I can’t be the only one who keeps scouring their aggregator in a desperate attempt to find other pro-life bloggers who aren’t conservative Christians.