Waldman does it again

Who gains from the constant equation of opposition to abortion with opposition to family planning? Two groups come immediately to mind:

* The minority who are anti-family planning, because it increases their stature and influence (Jill Stanek must love being considered THE voice of pro-lifers).
* Abortion advocates who want to paint their opposition as extreme and out of touch.

Who are the biggest losers? The people who would benefit the most if the broadest possible coalition of pro-lifers and pro-choicers came together to support family planning and sex education.

Just something to keep in mind.

One thought on “Waldman does it again

  1. Have you heard about this yet?

    I really hope it doesn’t turn into a “socialized medicine will kill Americans” conservative rant. I support single-payer healthcare – aka socialized medicine – and know it WILL save lives, both born and preborn. I have a friend right now who is dying because her condition wasn’t caught in time (she has no insurance and couldn’t afford regular screenings).

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