Let’s take up a collection…

… to bribe Randall Terry to go away. Problem with that is, there are so many other people we’d need to bribe too.

Kathleen Parker explains why my desk is covered with dents from where I’ve banged my head on it:

There are certainly compelling secular arguments against abortion that one might be perfectly willing to hear. Then Randall Terry shows up.

Terry, the colorful founder of Operation Rescue, doesn’t represent the Republican Party [or most pro-life people –jr], but he is nevertheless the most familiar face of the antiabortion movement. When President Obama recently gave the commencement address at Notre Dame, who showed up to lead the protest but Terry and the equally odd carnival performer Alan Keyes?

Rather than persuading people to think differently about abortion, the Terry-Keyes act makes one want to write checks to Planned Parenthood.

6 thoughts on “Let’s take up a collection…

  1. I cannot stand this man. I would contribute to the collection, but with his past history of lying in order to raise money, I don’t think he’s stay away for long.

  2. I applaud Randall Terry and as Jesus said, if they’re not against us, than they are with us. As a Catholic, he is saying what needs to be said regarding the lack of leadership in the US church! I didn’t see any Bishops outside of Notre Dame! I don’t see any Bishops outside the abortion mills! We have cardinals who don’t even uphold the laws of the church (Canon 915)and who blatantly disobey our Holy Father, the Pope! These are days of evangelization! I admire the fact that he is calling out these so called Catholics as Jesus called out the heretics. God bless Randall Terry. Sadly, it’s now up to the laity to correct the clergy ~ St. Thomas Aquinas’ summa Sec. 2 Q. 33

  3. I also applaud Randall Terry. He may not get everything just right, but have you read his latest speech/article? It is very reasoned and inspiring.

  4. No, I haven’t read his latest article, but I have been hearing from him for far too many years.

    I’m not really going to engage in a debate about someone who openly and proudly espouses hate, intolerance, and theocracy.

  5. Jen, you are a voice of hope for us moderate pro-lifers. People like Terry may have their own agenda, or perhaps, just perhaps, they are sincere. But whichever it is, they are enormous allies for the abortion advocates because they allow abortion advocates to represent pro-lifers as hateful people.

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