What does that even mean?

Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life on the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court: “We’ve really been focused on asking senators to really probe this question of her judicial philosophy, as to whether or not she’s going to approach a decision like [Roe] as a jurist or as a woman.”

My kid was in the car when I heard that, so all I could do was sputter, “What the … I … WHAT?”

What does it mean to approach Roe “as a woman”? I know what an abortion advocate would mean by that, but what is Yoest trying to say?

2 thoughts on “What does that even mean?

  1. Prolife Groups response to Sotomayor shows how in bed prolifers are with the Republican Party.

    I agree that we should examine her record, but right now her record doesn’t look at all like a pro-abortion judicial activist. Her one ruling on life issues was when she upheld the Mexico City Policy. She pointed out that a government policy to decrease abortion was perfectly acceptable. Sounds good.

    I’m not saying she’s closet pro-lifer, but she sounds fair-minded. Who knows? Maybe she will develop “empathy” towards the unborn and use her “radical judging” to reconsider Roe v Wade.

    Prolife organizations shouldn’t care one way or another what she thinks of Affirmative Action, and they shouldn’t be afraid of her judging as a Hispanic Woman as long as her judgments are legally sound.

    Obama is a very pro-Abortion president. She is at least fair minded to a pro-life argument in court. She is the best we will get from Obama. If Pro-lifers block her nomination they would shoot themselves in the foot and likely end up with a lawyer for NOW on the high court.

    If pro-lifers don’t stop being so suspicious of liberals they’ll never create a respect for life across our society.

  2. On the other hand, the likes of NARAL are apparently “uneasy” about Sotomayor: (####)

    I agree with Jonathan that she is the best we are likely to get, and unless some past scandal comes to light, I think we will see a little reflexive handwringing on both sides followed by a swift confirmation. In the meantime, both pro-life and pro-choice organizations will take full advantage of the situation to send out appeals for donations.

    But as for what Yoest was talking about: sorry, Jen, no clue.

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