Signal boost: Send a Safe Birthing Kit for $8

via Nonviolent Choice:

If you have access to the Internet, chances are that even with the global economic downturn, you are still, wherever you may live, prosperous compared to the average person and family in the Two-Thirds World.

Are you still able to spare $8? UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, will send on your behalf a birthing kit to help protect and save the lives of one mother and one baby in a materially poor country.

(Note: UMCOR’s relief work is something that I suspect people of all faiths and none could support–not all Christians use relief work as a pretense for prostelytizing by a long shot–but please check this out for yourself.)

Maternal and child mortality are interconnected global scourges. They are directly caused by the inhumane failure to make widely available even low-tech, inexpensive solutions like birthing kits or oral rehydration therapy to those who most desperately need them.

As UNFPA insists, “No Woman Should Die Giving Birth.” Please visit this UNFPA site if you want to learn more about this unnecessary, preventable global injustice–and please be the solution for one mother and one baby through UMCOR.

Large institutional changes in health care are necessary to solve the problem on a massive scale, but individuals and families in the present cry out for direct and immediate help, too.

Surely this is an area where prolife and prochoice can and should cooperate.

3 thoughts on “Signal boost: Send a Safe Birthing Kit for $8

  1. It’s about time the UNFPA got onto something other than abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion. But given their history I won’t trust them with my $8. I’ll stick with donations to World Vision and Mercy Ships, organizations that don’t get their hands dirty.

  2. Christina,
    Actually, the birthing kits are through UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Birthing lits are *not* for abortion.

    A lot of the antiabortion buzz about UNFPA is upon closer inspection entirely unwarranted, and coming from opponents of contraception.

    UNFPA is involved in a broad range of real reproductive health issues–family planning (including natural family planning/fertility awareness), HIV/AIDS, female genital mutilation, obstetric fistula. But not abortion!

    check out their website yourself to see all they do:

    The efforts of women from the Two Thirds Wolrd have since the 1994 UN population conference in Cairo changed it from its original population control-oriented mission to promotion of reproductive health and justice.

  3. PS I crossposted this birthing kit entry in my RHRealityCheck blog, and it was a featured user diary post.

    And the previous one, linking to Jen’s article on Prolife Progressivism, was for a couple of days among the Most Popular Discussions on the site.

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