Schultheis to Infants: Drop Dead

Shorter Dave Schultheis: Sure, we could prevent newborns from getting AIDS, but that would mean their mothers wouldn’t feel guilt about having sex I disapprove of.

From Schultheis’ web page: “All life is precious, from conception to natural death.” What, unless you can use that person’s death to punish a slut? Yes, death. I know he just says he wants babies to get very badly ill and then grow up, but wishing doesn’t make it so.

I really don’t want to hear anymore about “voting pro-life” when a guy like this would qualify. Seriously, I am DONE. I may actually make that a house rule on this blog. (And how do I not have a “misogyny” tag yet? Must remedy that.)

3 thoughts on “Schultheis to Infants: Drop Dead

  1. I think this actually qualifies as old-fashioned misanthropy. This nutjob is clearly willing to see babies of both sexes suffer and die. And who knows–it is within the realm of possibility that fathers might suffer as much as mothers when their children are sick with a deadly disease.

    Unfortunately, the flap over this guy’s remarks has obscured what this bill is actually about–mandatory medical testing, something I have very mixed feelings about, and something I think the pro-life community should be keeping a close eye on.

  2. Oh, absolutely, any decent father would suffer as much — but the mothers are the one he specifically wants to feel guilt. But yeah, in general, he just feels no empathy.

    I agree that there are very good arguments to be made against mandatory medical testing.

  3. So Schultheis wants babies to die to teach thair mothers a lesson about “fornication”? And better yet, apparently, if they’re undocumented immigrants–he wants to punish them, too.

    I don’t often wish real ill on people–even Amanda Marcotte–but I hope this guy is caught in a sex scandal with an undocumented immigrant sex worker who simultaneously gives him HIV and gets pregnant with his love child. To teach him a lesson about hypocrisy, you know.

    Well, not really. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. (Especially the sex worker and the baby.) But the point is made, this guy enrages me.

    If Schultheis was *really* about respecting all life from conception to natural death, he’d be busting his butt trying to make sure that every HIV-infected person on Earth, including every pregnant woman and her baby, has complete access to state of the art antiretrovirals and other medical care. Not to mention prevention and education for all at risk–everyone.

    He’d also have more compassion for undocumented immigrants, who face life challenges that heighten their risk of infection. Especially since a surname like Schultheis strongly suggests that he could come from those dratted immigrants himself.

    I worked before on HIV/AIDS research project, trying to recruit gay and bisexual men for the study. People would not have participated if the testing and all else was not kept private and voluntary.

    Mandatory HIV tests are a really bad idea. The threat of punishment will scare people away in droves with terrible consequences for public health. offering nonjudgmental, comprehensive, private testing and treatment will save & improve born and unborn lives.

    that’s what really matters–not blaming and shaming. especially blaming and shaming that kills babies to make nasty object lessons out of their mothers…sheesh, even hester prynne from the scarlet letter was allowed to let her child live, keep and raise that child, and make a decent living for them.

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