Health issues have been preventing me from blogging much lately. Nothing to worry about, and I’m getting it sorted, but most of my energy will probably be diverted elsewhere for a little while.

Daylight Saving Time

For all of you who are reaching this site by googling for “when do we turn the clocks forward”:

It’s this weekend — early Sunday morning, March 8.

Feel free to stick around and check out the blog!

(Brought to you by the Department of I Probably Should Have Seen That Coming.)

Schultheis to Infants: Drop Dead

Shorter Dave Schultheis: Sure, we could prevent newborns from getting AIDS, but that would mean their mothers wouldn’t feel guilt about having sex I disapprove of.

From Schultheis’ web page: “All life is precious, from conception to natural death.” What, unless you can use that person’s death to punish a slut? Yes, death. I know he just says he wants babies to get very badly ill and then grow up, but wishing doesn’t make it so.

I really don’t want to hear anymore about “voting pro-life” when a guy like this would qualify. Seriously, I am DONE. I may actually make that a house rule on this blog. (And how do I not have a “misogyny” tag yet? Must remedy that.)