“Abstain, or else no one will believe you if you’re raped”

Via Feministing, an abstinence education horror story.

A group called “Abstinence ‘Till Marriage Education” is receiving $600,000 to provide abstinence-only “education” in Ohio. Now, I’m used to hearing stories about abstinence-only programs calling young people (especially young female people) who have sex impure and possessed of low moral character, or comparing them to chewed gum or used duct tape. ATM’s “Abstain, or else no one will believe you if you’re raped” approach may be a new low, though.

You can see the whole sordid mess at their website, Miss the Mess.com – Party Rooms. (ETA: not anymore — see below)

To summarize briefly: the site tells the story of four teenagers who were at a party. Two of them leave, and then one (Rochelle) accuses the other (Jason) of having raped her. The four tell their accounts of what happened.

According to Jason’s ex-girlfriend, Jason “expected sex to be part of any relationship he was in” while “Rochelle was considered a slut.” The viewer is asked whose story is considered the least credible. I assume you won’t be surprised when the answer is “Rochelle.” She’s had sex, you see — or at least, rumor has it that she’s had sex, and having rumors going around about you is risky behavior! (You’re wondering why having had actual, non-rumored sex doesn’t destroy Jason’s credibility, aren’t you? What are you, some kind of feminist?) She also made “questionable decisions” — like driving her drunk friend home from a party when there was a boy who offered to drive him instead.

Interestingly, I’m looking through the page several hours after I first viewed it, and it appears that ATM have made some quick changes to the public face of their program. The quiz no longer answers the question of who is considered least credible. There’s also now a giant disclaimer at the beginning stating that “any crime occurring as a result of risky decision [sic] is still a crime and ATM Education strongly encourages teens to seek a trusted adult or notify the proper authorities in such cases.”

Good luck getting anyone to believe you though, slut.

(You can contact the White House to ask President Obama to remove funding for programs like this when he submits his proposed budget to Congress.)

2 thoughts to ““Abstain, or else no one will believe you if you’re raped””

  1. Damn.

    No wonder prochoicers think abortion opponents are all a bunch of misogynist loonies–even those of us who are decidedly not.

    Although I don’t believe it’s the *only* option kids need to be taught about–not on your life!–I do believe abstinence needs to be taught. But taught correctly.

    There are ways of teaching abstinence that don’t demean and scapegoat sexually experienced girls, in fact that do the opposite by insisting on gender equality, good decision making skills, mutual consent, and sexual assertiveness methods.

    Hey, but what do I know, I’m just a culture of death lovin’ fake prolifer and used wad of chewing gum from back in the day–somebody just stick me onto the underside of a park bench.

  2. Of course, most pro-lifers — like most Americans — aren’t for teaching abstinence-only, let alone this kind of misogynistic crap.

    I need to dig out that survey I saw the other week that said most independents *and Republicans* are pro-sex-ed and pro-birth-control.

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