this has particular resonance tonight

Whenever I get called “anti-woman” for opposing abortion, I feel the same way I feel when I’m called “anti-American” for opposing the Iraq War (or torture, or any of the other unjust acts our government has engaged in).

You needn’t bother telling me it’s not the same thing; I know it’s not. But consider the possibility that opposition to destructive acts can have other causes besides opposition to the interests of those in whose name the destruction is wrought.

2 thoughts on “this has particular resonance tonight

  1. Jen,
    Was this reflection prompted by any one incident?

    That “antiwoman” charge sticks in my craw, too.

    Even though I know it doesn’t apply to me or you or a lot of prolifers….

    It so often prevents the accuser from even acknowledging the possibility of other–let alone–intelligent and humane–motives for the “enemy” stance.

    It puts us “enemies” in the position where we can recite long litanies of how we have advocated for women’ rights and wellbeing–and then we will be told we are manipulative liars.

    Or, failing that, nothing we ever say or do will count for sh*t, unless and until we change our evil antichoice ways.

    Because the misogyny accusation is a tautological dogma, and it is wielded like one.

  2. Jen,
    It looks like the same robo-spamming program that tries to strike my blog has struck yours–it’s really just an attempt to get free advertising for some dubious thing.

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