Sanctity of (Some) Human Life Day

Via Feministing, I see that George Bush has declared January 18 Sanctity of Human Life Day, on which: “Our country recognizes that each person, including every person waiting to be born, has a special place and purpose in this world.”

Our country recognizes no such thing, and never has, and the person who presided over the last eight years has a lot of nerve saying so.

The only appropriate response I can think of that doesn’t involve swearing is to renew my membership in Consistent Life.

2 thoughts on “Sanctity of (Some) Human Life Day

  1. Yep, you said it.
    But I wish the Feministing crowd would realize, finally, that some of us really *do* mean it when we say “prolife.”

  2. Sure, but when “vote pro-life”, as we are exhorted to do by the millions, means “vote pro-war, pro-torture, and pro-death-penalty,” and voices like ours are quiet, scattered, and have relatively little effect … I understand why they don’t.

    We need to get louder and more organized.

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