Catholic University bars PLAGAL from Students for Life conference

Ever since Nellie Gray gave up having PLAGAL arrested at the March for Life, I’d hoped we were past this sort of thing:

On Saturday, January 24, 2009, hundreds of students will come to Catholic University in Washington DC to participate in a conference by Students for Life of America. Booths by sponsoring organization will be lined up to provide information to these students. But missing this year will be the booth staffed by the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL).

In the past PLAGAL has participated in the Students for Life conference at Catholic University with an overwhelmingly positive response from the students. It has been an opportunity to see and hear the pro-life message presented in a unique fashion and conference attendees have been eager to engage PLAGAL members in discussion about issues they may have never considered before.

This year, however, students will not have that opportunity. Officials at Catholic University are denying PLAGAL the opportunity to sponsor a booth. They maintain that they have a right to accept or deny sponsorship to any group coming onto their campus that is not consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Students for Life is considering finding a new venue for its conference in the future, for this and other reasons. I urge you to contact them to support that decision, and suggest alternatives if you know of any.

PLAGAL is trying to find out who to contact at Catholic University; I will post that information when they get it.

3 thoughts on “Catholic University bars PLAGAL from Students for Life conference

  1. well, if only people who are in 100% agreement with all official catholic hierarchy doctrines are welcome on the campus–that sure is going to make for an empty campus.

  2. You know, I wonder — are there College Republicans at CUA? A number of Republican policies and actions are contrary to Catholic teachings.

  3. There are College Republicans, College Democrats, and a highly suspicious Amnesty group. But I guess that’s the nice thing about maintaining “the right to accept OR deny sponsorship to any group”–it leaves you free to pretty much kick off whomever you feel like without having to be all that consistent about it.

    And yeah, I guess it IS their right to do so, but why don’t organizations like this see that they do the pro-life movement more harm than good this way? Why is making the point that they don’t support gay groups more important than saving lives?

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