Improved social support leads more to choose life in UK

Encouraging news from the UK: parents whose unborn children are diagnosed with Down Syndrome perceive that there is greater social support for their families and a better chance for a good life for their children than ever before. As a result, they are increasingly choosing life over abortion.

The Down’s Syndrome Association surveyed 1,000 parents to find out why they had pressed ahead with a pregnancy despite a positive test result.

A fifth said they had known somebody with Down’s, a third cited religious or anti-abortion beliefs and 30% felt life had improved for people with Down’s.

Almost one in five said they simply did not believe the results of the test.

Most respondents said they felt supported by their family and friends and considered that the future was far better today for those with Down’s syndrome.

They pointed to integrated education in particular and a greater acceptance of what it means to be different.

BBC, “Many Opting to Keep Down’s Babies

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