5 thoughts on “This is why I don’t read Pandagon

  1. It’s not only frustrating but saddening to see where Amanda Marcotte’s tautologies take her…I hate making personal attack style remarks, but for some folks–the problem is not so much what they advocate (although I don’t agree with her on at least one issue)…it’s how…may I keep the focus on what she *does* and not who she is…

    You know, she finally responded to some comments I made on one of her RHReality essays. She basically told me that I was deluded about my own real motives for believing as I do about abortion, namely that the professed concern for the fetus was actually a sidetracking delusion away from the *real* motives, you know, punishing women’s sexuality.

    Wow, I just love it when people invoking the name of feminism ride roughshod over other women’s subjectivities, including their own explanations of their own motives. Call me old old school, but last i checked, feminism was about respectful listening to *all* women, even women one disagreed with.

    If she is so concerned about the paternalism, the I-know-better-than-you-do-what-you’re about of the dratted “antichoice”…why not bring that scrutiny to bear on herself a bit?

    Anyway, see ya later–I evidently have a lot of women to punish today….

  2. She’s working from the fundamental assumption that the only reason anyone opposes abortion is because they hate women, and she will make all evidence fit that hypothesis no matter how she has to fold, spindle, or mutilate it.

  3. Yep. You think she’d be glad to find abortion opponents who *don’t* hate women–and to be fair, some prochoicers are glad to discover us. But she’s apparently not one of them.

    There are some serious and thoughtful arguments for prochoice. I wonder why she does not resort to them.

  4. I know I shouldn’t indulge in armchair psychoanalysis, but I woner whether the root of a lot of Amanda Marcotte’s problems stem from a very binary world view. From what I’ve read of hers, she tends to divide the world into Goodies and Baddies. Goodies are feminist and pro-choice and anti-racist and sexually active. Baddies are prudes and racist and anti-choice and hate women. This world view can’t accommodate pro-life feminists so she calls us secret misogynists. Equally she couldn’t take on board the criticism that her book was racist because she’s a Goodie and therefore can’t be racist. So rather than acknowledging her mess up and need to learn and grow, she just denied that there was anything wrong.

    I have to admit that I haven’t read that much of her stuff because the binary world view is just really off putting.

  5. Sam,
    sounds like you’re onto something…Even before Marcotte’s book came out, I always had the sense that she was appropriating the work of feminists of color to show how hip and unracist and down with them she was…and in the process simply showing her own biases.

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