FQILtA, Part 2: Both candidates, on abortion

The comments to Part 1 gave me the idea for this one. It isn’t so much a follow-up as just a Question I’d Like to Ask both Barack Obama and John McCain.

ME: What are the most compelling arguments for your opponents’ position on abortion? What do you agree with and disagree with about those arguments, and why?

Also, I have a couple of questions for John McCain:

MCCAIN: And as president of the United States, I will be a pro-life president. And this presidency will have pro-life policies. That’s my commitment. That’s my commitment to you.

WARREN: OK, we don’t have to beleaguer on that one.

ME: Sure we do! Senator McCain, what specific pro-life policies are you referring to?

Do you believe that the government has a role in reducing the demand for abortion? If so, what policies do you have in mind that would help people prevent unplanned pregnancies and make it easier for women to choose life for their children? What, if any, are your goals for abortion reduction? You may use whatever metric you like.

What outcome would constitute success for your pro-life policies, and what would constitute failure?

2 thoughts on “FQILtA, Part 2: Both candidates, on abortion

  1. Good questions…Why not submit them directly to his campaign with them? Is there a way to do that, letting them know that these questions already come from somebody who’s prolife on abortion?

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