I eagerly await ALL’s “Condoms Kill Babies” campaign

Catching up on events that occurred during my unexpected blogging hiatus, I note that Serge at LTI Blog has been taking on the “Pill Kills Babies” campaign:

And then of course, you have the so-called “pro-life pharmacies” that won’t carry the Pill, Plan B, porn, or condoms. Damned abortifacient condoms.

(Do regular pharmacies carry porn? I mean actual porn, not Cosmo or something? I have no idea.)

Some also won’t sell tobacco, which I do think is a genuinely pro-life policy. (Someday when I want to be depressed, I’ll go look up how many “pro-life” politicians also voted for tobacco subsidies. Today is not that day.) Pro-life should mean “protecting human life”, not “conforming to conservative Christian ideas of sexual morality”.

One thought on “I eagerly await ALL’s “Condoms Kill Babies” campaign

  1. Groups like ALL have already made the claim that condoms kill, in regard to condom use for AIDS prevention…So not using condoms kills any fewer unborn and born people?

    It’s as helpful a stance as the one those pro (?) life tobacco subsidy warriors take.


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