Pro-life, pro-contraception

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* Marysia of the Nonviolent Choice Blog with We Are Pro-Life and Pro-Contraception. I especially like the last link she provides, which leads to a debate she had with a contraception opponent. The debate covers statistics on contraception and abortion rates, as well as a brief discussion of whether birth control pills really are abortifacient.

* LAMom weighs in with two posts (awesome!): Effectiveness vs. Rights, in which she argues that “Does it decrease the abortion rate?” isn’t all that matters; and A Couple of Old Contraception Posts, where she rounds up some of her previous thoughts on the subject. (By the way, Joan, I totally don’t think that’s cheating; it’s nice to have all this in one place.)

* Anthea has a quiz! (Hint: the answer is never “because we hate teh sex and teh wimmins”)

* In On Contraception, Jonathan argues that public political opposition to contraception harms the pro-life movement, and that it should be left up to private consciences. As an added bonus, he includes a beautiful picture of his new baby!

* At last, my own contribution, Babies and border fences. You can also check out the “contraception” tag to see what I’ve said here before.

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6 thoughts on “Pro-life, pro-contraception

  1. I hope I’m not too late in the day to add my post On Contraception. I was kind of hoping that we would have more bloggers on board, but perhaps I’m not the only procrastinator who is working on just barely getting the post done on the 31st.

  2. You can’t possibly be late — I haven’t even posted my own yet! :)

    I wasn’t expecting a ton of people, because I don’t have a ton of readers, but there are a few more people who signed up and haven’t posted yet. Still, as long as it’s the 31st somewhere in the world…

  3. Great posts, you all!
    Anthea, by the way, sometimes humor says it best. And you said it. (:

    Now, if only prochoicers and other prolifers will listen to us…

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