MySpace weirdness

When I cross-posted yesterday’s post at MySpace, I noticed that the line, “It’s pretty easy to find the candidates’ stands on abortion” had been changed to “It’s pretty easy to find the candidates’ stands ..ion”. I thought maybe I’d made a weird copy-paste error, but I retyped it several times and it happened every time. I even tried sticking periods after the “o” and “n” in “on” to try to fool the filter. Nothing doing. So, for the record, here are phrases you can post in a blog post on MySpace:

  • an abortion
  • for abortion
  • of abortion
  • about abortion
  • pro-abortion
  • anti-abortion
  • against abortion
  • saline abortion
  • medical abortion
  • RU-486 abortion

But not, apparently, “on abortion”.

I don’t get it either.