Fits like a glass slipper on a stepsister

Shorter Amanda Marcotte: I really wanted to use the Texas sex toy ban to claim that whenever pro-lifers talk about protecting unborn children, they’re actually just trying to suppress women’s sexuality. Too bad the Attorney General’s petition to reinstate the ban never mentioned abortion or unborn children in any way. Oh well, I already have most of this column written; I’ll just submit it anyway.

5 thoughts on “Fits like a glass slipper on a stepsister

  1. Jen,
    Nice summary. (:

    Incidentally, to my knowledge, and certainly in my own attempts to engage her in dialogue….Amanda Marcotte tends not to reapond to or acknowledge prolifers of the sort who would *not* be all hot to ban sex toys. Let alone those who would endorse sex toys as an alternative to abortion.

    It is very difficult to engage with people who already *just know* what your deepest darkest ugly misogynist motives are–and YOU just simply don’t, or you’re a big fat liar about them. You grossly naive to actively, willfully evil deceiving, manipulative thing you!!!

    And then leave not a bit of room for you to even say “wait a minute, that’s not me, let me explain why…” let alone get to “that thing about the babies…well, that is in fact a genuine concern and not a smokescreen…”

  2. Outercourse, yes! The particular kind of sexual expression that leads to pregnancy is not the only valid and fulfilling one.

    I have never tried to engage A.M. in any kind of dialogue; it’s never seemed likely to lead anywhere fruitful.

  3. Fear is the right word, too — that combination of anger, certainty, and hatred of anyone who thinks differently freaks me out.

    But you know I don’t think you’re a fool! :)

  4. Well, I am aware that *you* don’t think I’m a fool. (:
    Thanks for the vote of confidence.
    By the way, if you or anyone else here wants to check out a very interesting discussion, that poses opportunities to challenge those dratted abortion debate stereotypes:


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