Finally, a presidential candidate I could endorse…

…so of course he’s fictional.


Prez4Life Blog Chronicles Fictional Prolife Progressive Presidential Campaign debuted on January 22, 2008, with an announcement by former Sen. Thomas Lincoln that he would run for President as a prolife liberal on an independent ticket. Thomas Lincoln and most of Prez4Life is fictional, and the blog will tell the candidate’s story through to the November election.

Prez4Life will explore the realities of the prolife progressive position. The abortion issue tends to be perceived as a prolife conservative vs. pro-choice liberal debate, with no room for crossover. Even prochoice conservative Republican Rudolph Giuliani’s campaign didn’t do much to alter that viewpoint.

In brief, in the Prez4Life world, Thomas Lincoln is a former Democratic Senator from Minnesota who was first elected to Congress during the Nixon Administration and was defeated in 2002 after his vote against authorizing the Iraq War. He announced his presidential candidacy during a rally for prolife liberals prior to the March for Life in Washington, DC, on the 35th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

As the election year progresses, Prez4Life will post updates on the fictional race from a variety of sources and perspectives (from a single anonymous author). The blog will follow its own storyline even as it reacts to real world events.

The serial fictional blog can be found at

(ht: Rachel MacNair)

I’m curious who the author is. It all rings very true to the pro-life progressive experience. The candidate is a pro-labor, pro-social-programs, anti-war liberal who nonetheless gets labeled a “conservative” on abortion because he applies his pro-little-guy, nonviolent principles to the unborn. He’s Catholic — obviously not a requirement for being a pro-life liberal, but a pretty common background. His father was a union organizer, and his mother admired Thomas More.

The blog entries also do a good job of capturing the confusion and suspicion that greets pro-life progressives — the blurb from the oh-so-politically-savvy “Weekly Wrap” that can’t comprehend Lincoln’s position as anything but “triangulation”, the liberal blogger who can’t even type the name of the group “Prolife Progress” without following it with “oxymoron alert”, the right-wingers who sneer at “so-called prolife liberals” and question Lincoln’s faith, the attempted exclusion from the March for Life.

In the first entry, a woman who declined to be named asked whether pro-life progressives should really be running yet another man. I loved that, because I was asking myself the same question as I was reading. Unfortunately, the answer given was reflective of reality — there simply aren’t enough pro-life progressive women with the extensive experience and qualifications that the fictional Senator Lincoln has. One could have posited a fictional woman, of course, but that would be ducking the reality. I’d like to see the blogger explore the question of why pro-life liberal women and minorities have been underrepresented; perhaps this will come up in the search for a running mate.

I’m really looking forward to future installments. It’s like the West Wing for pro-lifers.