Vasu Murti on pro-life liberalism

Apparently Celebrate Life magazine was planning to do an issue on pro-life liberals. Yes, that Celebrate Life magazine — published by the American Life League, stalwart opponent not only of abortion but also of contraception, gay rights, liberalism, and secularism. I admit that this exchange between Judie Brown and Marysia doesn’t leave me optimistic about how ALL would portray pro-life liberals. However, no matter how friendly or hostile the issue might have been toward us, it still would have featured articles like Vasu Murti’s excellent introduction to pro-life liberalism, and that could only have been a good thing. Vasu has placed a copy of the interview on his web page. I highly recommend it.

One thought on “Vasu Murti on pro-life liberalism

  1. Jen,

    The Vasu interview is great…but like you, I am not optimistic about how liberal prolifers will be portrayed in Celebrate Life. And yes, that little exchange between me and Judie Brown is one of many reasons.

    At least she didn’t tell me to repent of my “fornication” –although she did call me “sister in Christ” without bothering to check first what my take on religion/spirituality is.

    I don’t have anything against Jesus, by the way, just folks who take the in vain the name of this amazing saviour, rabbi, bodhisattva, humanistic ethical teacher, incarnation of Krishna, and Qur’anic prophet (:

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