Good news on the death penalty

New Jersey is moving to abolish the death penalty:

State lawmakers are now one vote away from repealing the death penalty in New Jersey.

The Senate yesterday, by the narrowest of margins, passed a bill to abolish the state’s capital punishment law. The 21-16 vote — a bare majority in the 40-member Senate — sets the stage for a historic floor vote Thursday in the Assembly.

If the Assembly approves the bill, Gov. Jon Corzine is prepared to act swiftly and sign the legislation, according to aides, perhaps as soon as Friday. That would make New Jersey the first state to legislatively abolish the death penalty.

Unfortunately, a majority of New Jersey voters polled oppose abolition. I wonder what the numbers would look like if all people in New Jersey had been sampled, rather than just voters; I suspect that this may be a case where the different demographics of voters and non-voters makes a significant difference.

2 thoughts on “Good news on the death penalty

  1. I am not so sure the polling would be different among a larger sample. Support for abolition of the death penalty is increasing, but it is far from where it needs to be.

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