Pieces of Flair

The “Happy Human” over there in the sidebar is a secular humanism logo, by the way; I don’t know if it’s something most people would readily recognize.

I thought about altering it to be a pro-life happy human, maybe with another tiny little happy human curled up inside of it. On the one hand, it would be nice to have a little more visibility for pro-lifers within the humanist community and humanists within the pro-life community. On the other hand, the way I see it, the logo shouldn’t have to be altered: humanism should include unborn human beings by definition. Also, my graphics-fu is weak.

The two badges below it are pretty self-explanatory. In addition to Blogs By Women, I also applied to ProLifeBlogs. TTCF would definitely be the answer to a game of “one of these things is not like the others” over there, but I can’t be the only one who keeps scouring their aggregator in a desperate attempt to find other pro-life bloggers who aren’t conservative Christians.

2 thoughts on “Pieces of Flair

  1. Take heart, my blog got into Blogs for Women.

    But Nary a word back from Prolife Blogs, though I’ve inquired and applied a couple times. Perhaps they were deterred by the family planning ad on my front page?

  2. You might want to try again; it took me a while and a few emails but they did add me, and my pro-family-planning stance is pretty evident too. :)

    I need to re-apply to BlogHer; the last time, they told me I hadn’t updated enough recently (which was quite true).

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