Welcome to the blogosphere!

I’m very excited to see that Marysia has started the Nonviolent Choice Blog. She will be posting on pro-life feminism, a subject which she has studied extensively.

Marysia is also developing the Nonviolent Choice Directory, with the aim of providing “wide spectrum of resources necessary to alleviate the root causes of abortion–from comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education to support for the women and children of crisis pregnancies before, during, and ever after birth, at all levels of society from the individual to the global.” This is an ambitious project, but one that is sorely needed. I encourage everyone to visit and give her feedback.

One thought on “Welcome to the blogosphere!

  1. Why thank you for the thumbs up!
    Tes, it’s an ambitious project, and sorely needed, and we need all the help & feedback we can get over here.

    What if we threw a sorely needed website-with-blog…and nobody ever showed up?

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