There aren’t two sides to every fact

I was bothered by an item run by LifeNews last week, titled “New Study Finds Morning After Pill Can Work as an Abortion Drug”.

First of all, that’s not quite what the study says, but I’ll let you read the abstract yourself. What really got up my nose was this line:

Abortion advocates have claimed the drug only prevents conception but the study appears to contradict that claim.

Because it’s not just abortion advocates making that claim. It’s researchers and those who have read the research and found it convincing, including some pro-lifers. Including myself.

Yes, I realize that research is sometimes tainted by ideological bias. But there’s no such thing as “pro-life science” or “pro-abortion science”. Just because abortion advocates publicize or even conduct a study doesn’t make it wrong, and doesn’t mean we have to line up and deny the findings.