Memorial Day

The Chattanoogan published a scathing anti-war opinion piece for Memorial Day:

The only way to truly honor our war dead and those that have fought in our wars would be to tell the truth about why they died and why they fought and why there must come a day – in honor of them – when we must put a stop to needless war and the killing and maiming, the ruining of lives and the heartbreak and suffering that comes from it.

The last time an American soldier died or fought for our freedom was World War II. That is the plain fact and the plain truth. To say that any soldier since World War II fought or gave up his life in order that we might enjoy our freedom is a horrible mistake in reasoning.

It is a horrible mistake because it is not just a mistake but a mistake that perpetuates and promotes our insatiable appetite for needless war and needless death and suffering under the guise that it was all for the cause of freedom.

(I admit, I was much more impressed before I noticed that this is Chattanooga’s “alternative” newspaper. You expect to see this kind of thing safely penned in the alternative ghetto — I was hoping it had escaped into the mainstream press.)

I honor the humanity of all of those, not just soldiers, who have lost their lives in war. I honor the fact that the soldiers this day is meant to commemorate sacrificed their lives to do their duty as they saw it. And I hold in contempt those who corrupt the notions of honor, and sacrifice, and duty, so that they may continue to wring political power or monetary gain or a sense of vicarious importance from the deaths of their fellow human beings.