The past week’s radio silence brought to you by: the flu

OK, maybe I should have gotten the flu shot like the midwives wanted me to. Flu + pregnancy = no fun. I’m feeling much better now, though.

Speaking of pregnancy: I expect to be spending a little time away from the internet in, oh, about two weeks (give or take two weeks). If anybody would be interested in doing a little guest-posting, please leave a comment or email me.

3 thoughts on “The past week’s radio silence brought to you by: the flu

  1. Hi Jen,

    Bummer about the flu. I’m glad you’re better, though. Just wanted to say congratulations on the impending arrival and good job on the site! I’ve “met” you over on Alternative Lifers (which I found thanks to Left Out) and I’ve been meaning to write and wish you well with this blog.

    We’re celebrating our baby’s first birthday in exactly two weeks, so I’m getting all nostalgic now about a year ago when I was due to give birth, sniff, sniff!Good luck with the whole messy, wonderful, exciting process!


  2. Thanks, you guys!

    Sarah: I remember you from Alternative Lifers! Thanks for the good wishes, and happy your baby’s birthday. :)

    Matt: One week, now! We’re still hoping it happens this week, actually, since my husband has more free time due to spring break. But one way or the other, it’ll be soon.

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