Tim Ryan calls for consistency

In an impassioned speech against the Iraq War escalation last night (video), Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH17), had the following to say

And my friend from Indiana also mentioned something about the issue of consistency; and I find it funny that the pro-life– the self-proclaimed pro-life party is the party that wants to keep extending the war.

It’s nice to see a high-profile pro-lifer making this point for a change. Ryan has received high ratings from Peace Action, PeacePAC, the Friends Committee on National Legislation, National Right to Life, and Democrats for Life during his time in Congress, so he has some credibility when talking about consistently opposing the taking of human life.

(Unfortunately, I don’t think that the rest of Ryan’s speech is going to win him a lot of Republican good will when it comes to voting for the Reducing the Need for Abortion and Supporting Parents Act when/if he reintroduces it. On the other hand, he’s right.)

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