The things you learn on the internets

Let me get this straight. A society so values boys over girls that sex-selection abortion has resulted in a large surplus of men, who are now having trouble finding women to marry. And who’s to blame for this state of affairs? Feminists.

(The blogger also says to someone in the comments: “1. You’re an atheist. So, do try to recall that you don’t get to call anything “wrong” that doesn’t involved your behavior unless it is factually inaccurate.” When are Americans going to get over this idea that morality can only derive from religion? Sadly, it doesn’t look as though that day is coming anytime soon.)

2 thoughts on “The things you learn on the internets

  1. For those who can think for themselves, they do not need religion as a foundation for their morality. A person with true morals has the power to decide for themselves and knows in their soul what is and isn’t correct and moral.

  2. I tend to think that, rather than coming solely from the individual, morality is developed through interaction with others, both empathizing with people on an individual basis and also seeing what works to create healthy societies. But yes, in any event, religion need not be the basis.

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