Consistent Life Action Alert 11-24-06

From Consistent Life:

Friends —

Please remember to send any supporters of Amnesty International who are upset at their move to view abortion as a human right to register their disapproval at this site:

Consistent Life had an excellent presence at the Midwest regional conference of Amnesty International; to read about it, go to:

There is much discussion about the relative merits of remaining or becoming members of AI in order to try to influence policy, or whether instead to note that an undemocratic decision-making process has occured with a distressing decision and withdraw support entirely. For those who would like to take the approach of attempts to influence by participation, we offer the following action suggestions.

Action suggestion from CL Board member Richard Stith:

Buried deep in the AI website, accessible only to persistent members, are many abortion documents: the 2005 decision that got things rolling, the proposed policies, the survey for input on the policies, and the 14-page HIGHLY one-sided explanatory background for the policies. They are linked from this survey.

But to fill out the survey, you have to be a member yourself. If you are a member or know anyone who is a member, please get them to fill out the survey. The deadline is December 1.

Action suggestion from CL Advisory Board member Mary Krane Derr:

Please join the “16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence,” November 25-December 10, 2006.

The 16 days are an annual event that Amnesty International, with over 2000 other groups worldwide, sponsors to end violence against women. It begins on November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and ends December 10, International Human
Rights Day.

We know that abortion is itself violence against women, and that other types of violence against women lead to abortion, in addition to being atrocities in and of themselves. There is even direct violence against women by men who wish them to abort when they don’t want to. Because of this knowledge, we have something to contribute to this advocacy. Those of us that know that all violence is connected can add much needed insight.

This year’s focus is on honoring the women who struggle to create and run places of safety and healing for abused women and their children, including Native Americans. This includes sexual assault of Native American women and impunity of perpetrators. Perpetrators often walk free because they fall into jurisdictional gaps or gray areas among federal, tribal, state, and local legal systems. The few Native-run shelters struggle with minimal funds and indifference or even hostility by tribal governments and federal authorities. Native American women are assaulted 3.5 times more often than other groups.

To sign up for the campaign, see: